Saturday, August 16, 2008

NDS gathering August Edition

Just come back from August Gathering at BKMV, and I declare that this month gathering has been yet another success! Here the list of LYN Ninty-Tard that appears today
1. Asch
2. Corez
3. PM
4. Kyo
5. Kelvint
6. Jonathan
7. Aiyish
8. Black Kri

Those that appear, thanks yourself for being there, and those that not appear , thanks for helping in choosing the venue as well. And not to forget, here is the list of game that we play

· Club House
· Bomberman
· Mario Kart
· Tetris
· Star Fox Command
· Guitar Hero

Want some picture? Here we go

*I wonder why 3 of them laugh so happily, maybe they win too much today, look at Corez shirt, is MARIO!!!

*Poor Jonathan, being isolated by Aiyish and BlackKri*Aiyish seem concentrate, I wonder what he playing, and Corez is moving away from Jonathan, damn, what have you done Jonathan!

*Face of Serious Gamer part 01

*Face of Serious Gamer part 02

* Guess what, Guitar Hero! And a nice watches too! And try to guess who is playing it!

Thats all folks, i left around 3:30pm, so the rest of the report i will leave it to others that stay there to report


BlueBerry~ said...

Aiyish playing the GH: On Tour

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