Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Get this 2 baby at Saturday from wmconan, one of the forumer of LYN who kind enough to help me buy both of them. Here is the info of this Gundam taken from Wikipedia...


The GN-X was a semi-mass produced mobile suit, created by Laguna Harvey, which uses the GN Drive Tau as the main engine. Thirty of these suits were produced and handed over to the three superpowers: AEU, HRL, and Union. Currently, the three superpowers are trying to duplicate these suits and put them into mass production.

The GN-X is inferior to a Throne Gundam, due to the fact that even though it has the same GN Drive Tau, the Gundam Thrones were unique units each designed with specific strengths and capabilities in mind and thus sports superior weaponry, equipment, and a link to Veda. The GN-X was semi-mass produced as a basic unit that operates in a squad and not as a unit that would undertake independent action as the Gundams are. However, due to their usage of the GN Drive Tau, the GN-X have a limited operation time and must recharge after every battle.

The GN-X was distributed amongst the three superpowers through Laguna Harvey in an attempt to unify the three superpowers. Currently, the three superpowers have merged together in the United Nations to create a combined UN Army. Each superpower has 10 GN-X alloted to them, for which they are responsible and choose the pilots. However, only 29 of the units were ever fielded; one GN-X was salvaged for its GN Drive Tau, which was being installed onto Union Ace Captain Aker's Flag during the 'Fallen Angels' operation. In terms of combat performance, the GN-X with the ace pilots easily overwhelm and outnumber the Gundam Thrones, despite the Gundam Thrones still having superior units, as the technological gap between Celestial Being and the major world powers has been bridged. An example of this is Soma Pieris's combat performance, being able to take down all of Michael's Fangs without much difficulty, and at the same time dodging every shot. However, the original squad of thirty units have been rapidly destroyed by the Gundam team fielding true GN Drives. At the end of season 1, Sergei's unit is destroyed and Soma's is badly crippled. As a result, of the 29 original units, only Soma's remains. However, in the four year interim that links both seasons together, the Earth Sphere Federation has been able to mass produce a new version, the GN-XIII


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