Monday, September 15, 2008

Work Less, Earn More

Let me go straight to the point, are you

1. Always not enough money to spend every month and looking for a way to solve it?
2. Not happy with your current salary and want to get more by doing part time?
3. Got a vast and big friend network?
4. Talkative?
5. Do you have a lot of free time and looking for some easy job to earn extra income?
6. Want to change working environment but don't know what job want to apply for?

you must be 18 or above to join this program!

If you are under one of above condition, then we need you! All you need is to make an appointment with me to meet up somewhere and hold a discussion season with me, then you can decide want to join in as a member(with a small sum of membership fee then you can start earning money right away) or don't want, the choice is yours to made. I know a lot of you will think that this is one of the direct sales business, but i can tell you the truth, this is not a direct sales business, all you need to do is just talk to other people(friends, family), then convince them to join you, and you will earn money from there, easy? yes, it is really just that easy

email me at, or sms me at 0166751416(Asch) to set up date and location of discussion season, all you need is to bring yourself that day, or you can come with few friends as well. You can make your decision after that discussion, there is no forcing, if you want to join, then join, if you don't want to join, thats find, no worry, i will not flame you, kill you or hate you

Finally, thanks for reading this thread, hope you can join me and "work less, earn more"

My current location is at KL, so i set up the location to be BTS, Midvalley, One Utama, KLCC for now, if you have other location, or you at other State, we can arrange the time and location as well


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